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Metapathia GR Hunter


METApathia Hunter 

METApathia Hunter was published in 2009, since then this software quickly became very popular due to its "Hunting" Algorithm. Although it is now discontinued by IPP Metatron, many illegal companies like Singularity and ISHA  quickly took the opportunity to sell stolen software. When this software was stolen and hacked, the accuracy of the software became zero. The original hardware from IPP metatron, utilizes different components than what is being sold. China is known as worlds the biggest counterfeiter, making unauthorized replicas and remarketing this software as Original. Singularity and ISHA partners in the internet's biggest black market dealers of stolen NLS hardware and software, selling to unsuspected consumers. They have dozens of websites with different software titles to confuse the market. (Read more)
In 2019, Biostar Technology International, has made significant efforts to combat the spread of this Counterfeit software. Biostar Technology engineers obtained a copy of the hacked software distributed by China and made a study to see if in fact the software is working. In our findings, we conclude that the software is not compatible with the Vector Hardware, and the software is generating encrypted calls to the hardware. Due to this fact, our engineers have replaced the "useless hacked driver", with a newly engineered driver based on P.E.A.R.L. to correct the errors and mistakes of the software input-output, in order to prevent users from purchasing counterfeit software. Although Biostar Technology International, does not support this software in any way and in provided "AS-IS", we allow you to download the METApathia Hunter for FREE. Any Biostar Technology customer who wishes to experiment with the "Hunter" Algorithm, may download the software here. At the same time, we would like to inform the public that Black Market dealers like Singularity and ISHA are making a profit from stolen software is a crime and a shame, no one should purchase this software since it has been discontinued and now over 10 years old.